We Are Scientists


I still vaguely remember the first time I saw New Yorks, We Are Scientists. It was a year after they’d released ‘With Love and Squalor’.

I was at Leeds Festival and bounced around one of the tents for what felt like 20 seconds, absolutely drenched in sweat (I think it was sweat) and it being everything I wanted them to be.

Their on stage patter was as you’d expect “look at you guys all muddy, we’ve got a jacuzzi in the back”. The riffs resonated through your inexperienced drunken body. Plus they banged out songs like shit off a stick.

If you were lucky enough to be in your teens or twenties at the time this record was released, you’ll know what I mean. You’ll have fond memories of rolling around in a field or flat with a carling in your hand, surely?

Where a few have fallen by the wayside or dissolved into dust from that surge of bands, when Arctic Monkeys dominated everything! We Are Scientists have still chipped out indie-pop bangers for the last 10 years. Each album holding its own, without selling themselves short or following any sickly trend. A band I definitely haven’t grown out of.

Ten years later, I’m sat having a cocktail and a laugh with Keith and Chris from the band in a bar called the ‘Evil Eye Lounge’, before our live session on the radio to promote their 5th album ‘Helter Seltzer’.

The main thing I took from our pre-interview casual chinwag was these are a couple of really nice blokes and this interview would be a breeze…or would it? Yes it would, an utter pleasure and privilege.

We talked about the notion of ‘Breaking England’, if they ever feel like not playing fan favourites like ‘Nobody Move….’ and ‘After Hours’. Also if they feel time and experience has changed the way they approach songwriting.

But firstly, they kicked off with an acoustic version of ‘Classic Love’ from their new record….ENJOY.



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