John Power of Cast

John Power left the cult Liverpool outfit The La’s to pursue a career of his own back in the early nineties.
This could have been seen as a massive gamble due to the popularity and loyalty amongst everyone associated with the band, fronted by Lee Mavers. Mavers is regarded by many as a ‘genius’ due to his song writing and unconventional personality. Power himself admits he felt no pressure to try and compete with the legacy of The La’s and that Cast needed to be born out of the embers of his previous band due to their new songs needing to be heard.
Fast forward twenty odd years and Cast are still as popular and loved by many music lovers due to their ability to write and perform timeless classics. It was a cold, wet Saturday night in Leeds when Cast played a blinding set to a sold out Brudenell social club.
I was amongst the lucky ones who managed to get a ticket to their sold out show – which is hardly surprising due the band’s quality and back catalogue.

Before the show John told me about his life in music and whether he still feels the same buzz towards the old songs as he did when he first wrote them.


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