Jack Garratt

garrattJack Garratt is an excellent example of how powerful BBC Introducing is as a brand and as a platform for unsigned musicians.

The BBC took Jack under their wing and billed him to be the ‘next big thing’; and he did win the BBC Sound of 2016, so the proof’s in the pudding really. He was blues musician, writing and singing songs that ‘he didn’t believe in’, and had an album worth of material; which he then decided to scrap and start all over again. Sometimes when people make such a bold decisions, it comes back to bite them on the arse. That can’t be said for Brit award winner Jack Garratt.

His debut album ‘Phase’ has been out since February as it’s jammed full of electronic pop hits. He’s been wooing everyone and smashing stereotypes about men not being able to multi-task. He plays every single instrument on stage, usually all at the same time.

When I asked him why he did this, he told me it wasn’t because he disliked other musicians, he just finds it easier to do it all himself!

We started our chat by talking about whether he feels the pressure of all the hype he’s been on the receiving end of.



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