Wolf Alice


At Glastonbury there are bands who always play a secret slot at the festival. This is usually in a tent which is far too small for their reputation. Wolf Alice a couple of years ago are a prime example of this scenario.
On the Thursday at the festival, my mates and I were suitably oiled and had heard a whisper on the wind (Twitter) that the band were going to be playing in some tent on site, the name of which escapes me.
We took a gamble, as did another 10,000 people; all we could see was a row of heads in front of us. They sounded good from outside the tent mind!
Before their album “My Love is Cool” was released, every Tom, Dick and Harry was hyping them up to the masses, which they most certainly lived up to. Nowadays you can’t look in any sort of music magazine, forum or website without seeing their faces splashed all over the front.
When I met up with Theo and Joel we talked about whether they felt the buzz around them at the time, or if were they were too wrapped up in the moment to notice the excitement surrounding the band. We also had a natter about All Saints and why being in a band that is fronted by a girl shouldn’t be a talking point.



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