The Maccabees

On fan’s favourite ‘Latchmere’ these are the words that are spat out ‘I came out the changing rooms and absolutely fuck all had changed’. Lets fast forward from 2007 since their debut album ‘Colour It In’ was released and quite a lot has changed for The Maccabees. They’ve now released four records, with their latest effort ‘Marks To Prove It’ giving the band their first UK number one album.
The last time I intended to go and watch The Maccabees was when they were supporting Kasabian at Leeds Direct Arena. I say intended because all I saw was Orlando say at the end ‘thanks Leeds and see you again’. I ended up missing their set due to traffic and looking for a side street to avoid paying about 4K for parking.
As luck would have it, they ended up coming back to West Yorkshire on their headline tour, so this time I took no chances and put my hand in my pocket for the car parking.
Before the show, I ended up with Hugo from the band and we talked about how having the ‘Maccabees sound’ is important to their identity and how Florence Welch insisted on singing on all their songs whilst on tour with them a few years ago (do I smell a possible collaboration?).
With the band still buzzing about their number one album, I asked Hugo how they celebrated the news…



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