Richard Hawley

“Let’s rock” were the opening words to come out of Richard Hawley’s mouth when I finally got the opportunity to see him live a couple of months ago, and rock he certainly did.
With a career spanning a couple of decades and collaborations with The Arctic Monkeys, Elbow and Jarvis Cocker it’s safe to say he’s a well-respected man about town.
His solo LPs have been tugging on the old heartstrings since 2001 and he finally received a nod of appreciation from the folks behind the Mercury Prize, where he received a nomination for his album Coles Corner in 2005.
Hawley has recorded all of his albums at Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield, as that’s where his ‘mojo’ is, and the recording of Hollow Meadows was no different. The album was predominantly written whilst Richard was bedridden with a slipped disc, which helped him develop ideas for the record.
Richard himself admitted that after releasing eight albums, he is bound to upset some people by not playing their favourite song. With this in mind I asked him if he writes purely for himself or for the demands of his record label.



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