The Ordinary Boys


It had been 8 years since Preston and The Ordinary Boys played their final note together and a return was well overdue. You’d be wrong in thinking that Preston had been sat in Brighton watching Youtube videos of his previous singles, because he’s been grafting in the background writing songs for other artists, most notably ‘Heart Skipped A Beat’ for Olly Murs.

His time on Celebrity Big Brother, marriage to Chantelle Houghton and the ‘big storm off’ on Nevermind Mind The Buzzcocks have all been well documented and repeated to death. Which of course I asked him about or I’d have kicked myself; so I questioned whether he felt that going on Celebrity BB was a cataylst for the band to split up.

Preston told me how interviewing Paul Weller for the NME got them a fanbase early on that they weren’t necessarily right for, and that ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ was in fact intended to be feminist anthem.

After releasing their self titled fourth album, it’s quite obvious to me after listening to it that they’d tried to steer away from their previous efforts and sound. I wondered if this was a conscious decision.


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