Reverend and the Makers


Sheffield has proven track record of producing bands and artists who make a massive impact; not just in UK but throughout the whole world. You only need to look so far as the Arctic Mondays, Milburn, Pulp, Joe Cocker, The Human League, Deff Leppard, and of course Reverend and the Makers.

Jon McClure is an uncompromising songwriter, who quite openly doesn’t play ‘the game’ or make music to please executives at record labels, which is quite a refreshing thing to hear as I sat on a two seater sofa in the band’s rehearsal room in Sheffield. The Rev is a man of the people and talking to him felt like I was catching up a mate.

He took great pride in telling me his definitive, dream band line up, and how he didn’t ‘go down to London, cap in hand, begging for ‘idiots’ to sign us’. He also played me an exclusive acoustic version of ‘The Gun’, which he admitted was an idea stolen from Dumbo.

With Reverend and the Makers well into their career, I asked Jon what new bands should do to hopefully follow suit.


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