The Moons


The first time I went to watch The Moons in York, I remember leaving thinking ‘I’ve been one of the lucky few tonight’. The sound was sharp and full but the venue, to say the least, was empty.

I’d originally heard of The Moons after following the new projects of disbanded Nottingham three piece The On Offs. The Moons’ Andy Croft was the bass player in said band, but is now the frontman and songwriter of  The Moons.

The Moons isn’t Croft’s only project, he also plays keys for Mr Paul Weller, and Ben Gordelier of the band does percussion for the Mod Father as well.

When I noticed they were playing the same venue again, I knew I had to get myself down to ask them a few questions (why on earth are you playing here again? The crowd last time was shite…).

The natter back stage flowed effortlessly as we discussed how they felt about two of their previous members leaving the group to form The Temples ( I’d seen The Temples playing at the same venue a few months before and the venue was chock-a-block).

The band admitted quite openly that they wished The Moons were more successful, but they wouldn’t be prepared to have their songs used on a tampon advert for extra publicity.

The Moons quite notably are engrossed by the whole mod era, but what I wanted to know was, was that the only thing they listened to whilst making music?


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