Andy Kershaw


When I went to University on a whim to study journalism, I had no idea whatsoever what I was going to do with the degree if I got one at the end of those tedious three years I spent there ( I did by the way). I knew for a fact that working in ‘news’ wasn’t for me. There was no way I wanted to report on other people’s misfortunes or to go rummaging through people’s bins for a story.

After reading John Peel’s ‘Margrave Of The Marshes’ and Andy Kershaw’s ‘No Off Switch’ I knew I wanted to be a specialist music presenter. Fast forward a few years and I’m doing it for a living and Andy Kershaw was booked to play a DJ set at Whitby’s World Music Festival, Musicport.

We ended up talking in the smoking area about how his love for music made by musicians from Africa & the Caribbean restored his faith in music in the 1980’s. We also talked about how his interview with Bob Dylan was a bit of a disappointment and how he ended up being a roadie for Billy Bragg.

I thought I’d break the ice by seeing what bands he was buzzing about at the moment.


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