The View


‘The View, The View, The View are on fire’ is the usual chant bellowed before, during and after any gig of theirs.

For most people outside of Scotland, Kyle, Kieran, Pete & Crazy Mo put Dundee on the map. These lads came to prominence after knocking on Pete Doherty’s tour bus and shoving a demo in his hand, asking for a support slot. As luck would have it, shy bairns get nowt, and they bloody got a slot.

James Endeacott , who’d previously had a hand in signing The Libertines, got a whiff of these four young lads, and ended up securing their signatures to his new record label 1965 Records.

They recorded their chaotic debut album ‘Hats Off To The Buskers’ with non-other than Owen Morris, whose producing credentials are second to none. Heavy drinking, a stint in rehab and refusal of an American visa followed, but not once has this stopped these four lads from Dryburgh from creating countless indie anthems.

Their most recent effort ‘Ropewalk’ was produced by Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes,  who has been battling his own demons recently. We discussed whether Albert being on the wagon had effected their recording process, whether they’d ever have a go at releasing a Hip-Hop album, and if they were sick of the sight of their most recognised song ‘Same Jeans’.

I asked Kieran Webster of The View if the new songs were making impact on their die-hard fans.


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