The Rifles


In my opinion one of the most under-rated and finest bands of my lifetime are The Rifles. They boast a loyal, dedicated and passionate fan base: “the band people have been waiting for since The Jam” (Jericho Keys 2005, probably).

They can quite easily sell out  every venue on their travels and never fail to get people moving and soaked in booze. With pride I’ve got a signed, framed, print of the lyrics to ‘Peace & Quiet’ hung in my dining room, which I nod to on a daily basis like a shrine.

The Rifles are four albums in (No Love Lost, Great Escape, Freedom Run and None the Wiser) and are packed with songs that you can’t help but relate to. FACT.

The main question I hear repeatedly regarding The Rifles is ‘why aren’t they bigger?’; a question I’m sure the band ponders, as I know I do.

I ended up in the company of Joel and Luke, who opened the floor to my questioning about what was going on in the music industry and how they nearly fell foul of the Italian mafia. Plus they brought along their acoustic guitars to play me ‘whatever I wanted’.  Jesus Christ what a privilege!


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