Kate Nash


When I was first handed my BBC lanyard I made a vow to myself to never shy away from interviewing established artists if ever the opportunity popped up. When I started my job, I didn’t think that my first task would be to interview a singer with a number one album under her belt.

The idea of it was daunting but the reality was that it was refreshing to speak to someone who was honest, interesting and not completely up their own arse. You know, I’d just come off the dole after being told for months to try ‘get a proper job in my local chippy’, even though my degree was in journalism. Anyway, after receiving Kate Nash’s third album ‘Girl Talk’ in my pigeon hole at work to say she was playing locally; well, it was a no brainer (I had to stick to my word after all).

There was loads I wanted to ask her when I thought about it. Like did chart position matter after her third record had crept in at number 84 or something absurd like that (her best yet it my opinion).

She told me she was quite a schizophrenic writer, so I dived straight in by asking if anything had happened in her personal life had lead her to create her angriest effort to date…


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