Miles Kane Interview


Back in 2013, the Wirral Riddler aka Miles Kane was due to release his highly anticipated second solo album “Don’t Forget Who You Are”.

Just before the album was let loose on the public, he stopped off in the sleepy city of York to give it a well overdue kick up the arse with his adrenline fuelled rock’n’roll songs.

He took a breather to have a word with me about this party record, and talked about the moment he decided he wanted to become the focal point in the band.  He previously attemped to sing backing vocals when he was the rhythm guitarist in The Little Flames, but often bottled it due to nerves.

He also talked about the other career paths he may have considered if rock’n’roll hadn’t had catipulated him into music.

He kicked off by telling me what the driving force of the album was…..


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